At the time of making your order you’ll be able to select the payment method that best adjusts to your needs:


Once you’ve ended your order, you’ll be able to know to the last detail the total of it in an email that will arrive immediately. Once received, you must make a transfer to the indicated account.

When you’ve made the transfer to the quoted bank account send a copy of note of such through email to our email address.

On the reception of the note, the administration will give order to logistic services for the delivery of your order.


If you currently have a PayPal account, you’ll be able to pay the order through this system. You only have to select the corresponding payment method and follow the steps: insert your account data with which you will pay the order. Easy, comfortable and secure!


With this payment method you’ll pay your order in the moment of reception to the transport Company that delivers it to you. This payment method has a fee of 5% with a minimum of 3.25 € + taxes, and remains reflected at the time of viewing your shopping cart.

Important Note.-

This payment method will only be accepted for orders that don’t surpass over a price of 300 €. If your order exceeds this cost, the system will not allow you to select this payment mode, hiding it automatically.